TV accessories

From 3D glasses and remote controls to TV furniture and wall mounts - here you'll find all the accessories you need for your TV.

If you need a specific replacement remote control for your Samsung, Sony
or Philips TV or a practical universal remote control, you will find it in the remote control section. A remote control extension also gives you the possibility to operate devices controlled via infrared, even if they are hidden in a cabinet or sideboard.

Are you looking for a solution to watch your broadcast program or even receive more channels? Then it's best to buy a digital IPTV box, also called a set-top box. With this you can

Depending on where you want to place your TV in your home, you will need a different mounting solution. Whether you want to place your TV on a piece of furniture, a stand or a bracket on the wall, you'll find the appropriate articles here. If something should break on the TV or on your accessory, then you will certainly find the right replacement under "TV accessories".