Official: Amazon announces "Tomb Raider" series
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Official: Amazon announces "Tomb Raider" series

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It's official: "Tomb Raider" is getting its own live-action series. It will be produced by Amazon MGM Studios. And: A new game is also in the works.

What was already rumoured in early 2023 has now been officially confirmed by Amazon: "Tomb Raider" is getting a series adaptation. Amazon MGM Studios is teaming up with game developer Crystal Dynamics for this purpose.

"Indiana Jones 5" star Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been signed as author and executive producer. She has won several Golden Globes and Emmys for the drama series "Fleabag". The confidence in her abilities is correspondingly high. Unlike in "Fleabag", however, Waller-Bridge is not expected to write her own role in the "Tomb Raider" series.

It is not yet known when the series will be shown on TV. As production is only just getting underway, fans will probably have to be patient for another two to three years.

Amazon in a frenzy of adaptations

With "Tomb Raider", Amazon is continuing its successful adaptation strategy. Most recently, the game adaptation of "Fallout" caused a storm of enthusiasm - including among our editorial team. In the "Spoilerfabrik" podcast, we analysed every single episode and couldn't stop raving about it.

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    Spoiler factory: "Fallout" - the first two episodes do a hell of a lot right

    by Luca Fontana

Amazon is also celebrating great success with comic book adaptations. The series "The Boys", which was recently extended for a fifth season, is considered to be a driving force for the streaming service. Its spin-off "Gen V" is also well received, not to mention the animated series "Invincible" - also a comic book adaptation.

For fans of "Tomb Raider" there is even more good news: Amazon Games is already working with Crystal Dynamics on a new "Tomb Raider" game - based on the Unreal Engine 5. Unlike "Fallout", for example, this should ensure gaming supplies right after the series. <p

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