The gaming community loves it: the co-op horror game "Content Warning"
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The gaming community loves it: the co-op horror game "Content Warning"

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In "Content Warning", you'll do anything for viral videos, even risking the lives of your friends. In this game, you search for ghosts and other creatures with a video camera at the ready. The scarier, the better for your account.

You may remember the MTV programme "Jackass" from the early 2000s. No stunt was too crazy. The main thing was that viewers laughed or were amazed - and the ratings were right. Nowadays, anyone can create an audience on YouTube with hair-raising ideas. The co-op horror game "Content Warning" picks up on precisely this trend. It was released yesterday, Monday, and is off to a brilliant start on Steam. The game from Swedish publisher Landfall is available for free on Steam until 5pm today, Tuesday.

Great interest and excellent reviews

96 per cent of the current 7000 Steam reviews recommend "Content Warning". In the past 24 hours, more than 70,000 players have been active in the game on Steam at the best time.

On the livestreaming platform Twitch, tens of thousands of people also watched at times when streamers went into haunted houses. There were almost 55,000 viewers in the European evening, while the US evening was even better with almost 80,000 viewers. You can follow the figures on Twitchtracker.

Note, however, that the high number of users is also due to the fact that the game is still free at the moment. This could also influence the positive reviews.

The plot: going viral is the goal

In "Content Warning", you take on the role of a content creator together with at least one and a maximum of three companions. For fame on a video platform, you sneak around buildings and record as many creepy events as possible. It's dark and your oxygen is limited. And you're not alone: according to the trailer, there are ghosts and other creatures from the paranormal world that can be deadly for you and your pals.

If your fellow players fall victim to ghosts, it's a shame, but in the end it's good for viewer numbers. That means more money and therefore better equipment for you. "Content Warning" has been given a "12+" rating on Steam.

Classification and opinions on the game

The search for ghosts in dark buildings is reminiscent of the horror game "Phasmophobia", which has been very successful for years. This co-op horror game for ages 16 and up sends a group of players into haunted houses where they search for evidence of paranormal phenomena. "Phasmophobia" was certainly also a role model for "Lethal Company" (18+), which has already been in Early Access for six months. With an approval rating of 95 per cent on Steam, this game has also received very good feedback.

The reviews on Steam give the impression that "Content Warning" could be of particular interest to fans of "Lethal Company". Players like the fact that dying in the game is rewarded and therefore does not lead to frustration. Last but not least, the humour in the game also seems to captivate players.

played for 10 minutes, got eaten by a blob, spat out, ran away, got famous. incredible"Approximately: "Played for 10 minutes, got eaten by a blob, spat out, ran away, got famous. Incredible.
Review by Steam user foodeater

In the few negative reviews, some users state that they receive a warning from their antivirus programme when starting the game. Another user writes that the camera battery allows too few shots, so you have to prioritise what you record. Some users complain about bugs and game crashes.

In any case: ghost co-op games seem to have a lot of fans at the moment.

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